I’ve been sculpting for two or three years now on a very as-hoc basis, but until recently have only made a couple of original greens.
I’ve now fallen back in love with 15mm sci-fi but have been frustrated by the lack of models in the genre that interests me most, that being “post modern/high fantasy”, so I have started sculpting a few of my own miniatures to fill that gap…..
But more of that in future posts, here I want to introduce the first sculpt I made back towards the end of 2011. He is a 28mm fantasy barbarian. At the time I was having a rough time at work and was recently seperated from my wife and thought doing something creative might help alleviate the stress/pent up anger I was feeling at the time, well it worked, so I have continued to use sculpting as an outlet for these feelings.
First go, was rather pleased….
True, he’s nothing to write home about, but at the time I was pretty happy with him, especially as I’d never tried anything like this before.
I did some more fantasy sculpts around this time for some friends who wanted their D&D characters made, but unfortunately don’t have photos
Next post I’ll show my first toe dip into my favourite sci-fi genre
All the best