Well, we’re pretty much up to date now, in the next few posts I’ll be putting up photos of a few of the WIPs I’ve been working one recently. But first, I said in my last post that I had sent some of the cast miniatures to a couple of highly talented painters to take a look at.
One set was sent off to Space Cow Smith, who runs a fantastic blog dealing mainly in old school gaming, his site is full of incredible paintjobs, conversions and sculpts, many in 15mm scale. You can find his blog Here.
The other set was sent to Chico at ‘Oldhammer on a Budget’. This crazy character has recently been dabbling in 15mm and I’ve been a fan of his blog for a long time. This is another great old school site, full of fantastic paintjobs and Chicos hilarious ramblings, you can find him Here

If you don’t already follow these blogs, I would highly recommend that you start. DO IT NOW!!!, you won’t be disappointed!!

All the best