Well, that’s me pretty up to date now (thanks for reading so far). I said in a previous post I would be popping up a couple of new greens I have been working on.

Here is a dwarf fighter armed with two cyber arms and a katana

He still needs a little work (I’ve done most of it, just not taken a new photo yet) on the cyber eye and the sword. I’ll pop a finished up one soon.
Next we have another dwarf, this one is Talismonger with an assault rifle, cyber arm and cyber leg – he’s looking pretty dapper with his staff and dressed in a top hat and frock coat – this little guy is actually based on a great old chap called ‘snowy’ Farr, a well known charity fund raiser in my home town who died a few years ago. He still needs a little finishing off in some of the rough areas.
And from the back/side…..
Overall, I’m pretty pleased with both of these, they turned out quite well for me.
I’ve got a few more nearly finished, I’ve just not got around to photograhing them yet (life has been pretty crazy, what with work deadlines and trying to find somewhere new to live)…. But it’s getting a bit late tonight and I hear a baby stirring upstairs..
All the best ’til next time