I said a few posts ago that I’ve been doing some work recently with Pro-create. For those of you not familiar with this product, it’s a two part epoxy used in the same way as Green Stuff, but made specifically for sculpting (rather than car repairs)
Pro-create is the medium I started sculpting with a few years ago (in fact, the miniatures in my first two posts use this stuff). I have a bit of a “love:hate” relationship with it, it’s quite a lot harder to work than GS, but holds a line very well and accepts a great deal of detail, also when it cures, there is a lot less “rounding” of corners than you get with GS. It can also be worked, sanded, cut etc after it’s hardened (which anyone whose tried doing that with Green Stuff will tell you, Is a right royal pain in the arse!!)
On the down side, I find it a lot less sticky than GS and getting it to hold well to an armiture can be an issue, also I struggle with seamlessly blending new layers to the existing work (with GS I just use the side of a large pin). 
Overall, whilst I’ve had some modest success with Pro-create in 28mm, I’ve never managed to get acceptable results in 15mm scale.
Unperturbed by this, I thought I would have another go with it whilst I was working on my Cyber-Pirate band, and I have to say, I’m quite pleased with the result. This WIP is of a dwarf pirate armed with a combat shotgun (for close quarter boarding actions)

He likes to get up-close and personal!!
What Dwarf doesn’t need cooll shades!!
He stands around 10mm foot to eye, so is around the same height as my other dwarf sculpts. There is still a little work to do on him, but overall I think he came out quite well.
I’m still not completely sold on Pro-create for organic parts or loose clothing (where GS seems, to me at least, to give a much softer feel), but I’m willing to give a go for some of the rest of the crew, for the harder surfaces it certainly seems to get a better result than my Green Stuff work.
Anyway, work beckons, so ’til next time, have fun….