Life has been pretty chaotic over the last week or so, leaving me with pretty much no time to move on with my Cyber-pirate band. I managed to grab an hour or so last night to start on a couple of figures, although still very much WIP here they are.
First up we have an Orc pirate captain, complete with tricone hat and cyber-peg leg.

Getting down the basic shapes.

As you can see, a lot of work needed!!
A close-up of a rather large pistol
Next we have the start of his (rather buxom) dwarf lieutenant 
I may have overdone the boobage!!
These are still very very WIP as there are an awful lot of things to fix on these sculpts before they are even half satisfactory, however I hope they give you an idea of what I am looking to do
Hopefully I’ll have time in the near future to do some more work on these, but ’til then, have fun