That damn Chico over at Oldhammer on a Budget has done it again, he’s posted up some great pics of some 15mm ruins (you can see them here, grumble, grumble…) and made me want to join in the crafting fun, even though I hate making model buildings (see my previous post) and he knows damn well that I’m easily led – the swine!!

Anyway, here are a couple of pics of a sci-fi building I’ve thrown together.

A simple paper and card building

Basically I worked out the plan on the PC, printed it onto normal paper, glued said paper to foam board, cut it out and put it together, simple yes??…. No, I nearly lost a thumb to an errant craft knife and my concert piano playing days are definitely over…..
I’ve photo-shopped out the blood stains

The detail layers were simply printed to a thicker card stock, cut out and added to the structure once it had dried – it actually works quite well…

It’s a shame I don’t have any building details to add to it (I may have to get some before I paint it – shhhh, don’t tell TLC!!), like these at Ground Zero Games, or these at The Scene
Lacking these details, I’ve built a extraction system on the roof, complete with fan, an access hatch and a small comms array, just to give it more of an industrial feel.
Man, I need to get some building accessories… 

I’ll pop up a few more photos when I get it painted (or when the accessories arrive), but for now this has eased that crafting itch.

I hope you like them.

All the best