We aim to bring you a unique range of niche 15mm sci-fi miniatures and gaming/modelling accessories, all at the very best prices.

At BTM we are passionate about war-gaming, passionate about producing the best miniatures we can and that we feel are missing from the market, and most importantly, passionate about having fun (which it what life’s all about really).

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Whether you are an existing miniature retailer, a new start-up looking to create your own range for the first time or simply want to bring your idea to life with a single miniature, at Boon town Metals we offer a competitively priced commission sculpting service to help you achieve your goal.

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On the Workbench 13

On the Workbench 13

With the festive period upon us and the annual viewing of Zulu fast approaching, I thought it might be fun to try a small range human troopers based around the 1880's Sudan campaign - but with an added Sci-Fi flavour. I'm currently working on around 25 of these "Thin...

A few Ideas…….

A few Ideas…….

What with a wedding to plan and a very busy work schedule, I've been doing a lot of conversions recently of various miscasts and I suddenly realised that I hadn't gotten around to trying any of my new dollies or weapons that I had cast (see here).I decided that I'd...

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Static grass tufts available in store. Just £2.75 a pack, with free delivery in the UKPop over and visit us at www.boontownmetals.com

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Static Grass Tufts – £2.75 per sheet with free delivery in the UK