Human Mercenaries/Private Contractors – Pack 1


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FC Rambling: browsing through the website recently I realised that I had a load of Dwarves, Orcs and Goblins, but very little in the way of 15mm Humans. Rather than release a whole new range to cater for this omission I dug out some older sculpts that I’ve had lying around for a while and had them moulded up. Whether you want to use them as mercenaries/private contractors, corporate security or maybe even space corsairs, I’m sure you can find a load of uses for them.

Human Mercenaries/Private Contractors – Pack 1 contains the following 5 single piece white metal miniatures

1 x Human Mercenary with Missile Launcher

1 x Human Mercenary with Flamer

3 x Unique Human Mercenaries with Assault Rifles

All models are supplied unpainted, unbased and assembled

This product is not a toy


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