Weathering Pigment – Medium Mud (20ml or 40ml)


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Weathering Pigments offer a versatile way of adding painting effects to your models with a minimal amount of hassle.

these pigments can be applied as a dry powder with a brush, and it’s very easy to blend and stipple the powder onto your models or bases then spray with a matte varnish to provide a durable seal. Using several shades of pigment for any given effect will help in adding depth.

 These pigments can be can be mixed with alcohol or white spirit to create rust streaks and other blended effects. Alternatively, they can be mixed with various painting mediums to create a range of different effects (such as wet mud)

BTM weathering pigments are supplied in a 50ml bench-safe, flip-top pot

BTM weathering pigments contain small particles, please take care when handling and wear appropriate personal protective equipment

BTM weathering pigments are not intended for children under 14 years of age

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20ml, 40ml


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