Well, not really, but the last few greens from my first batch of sculpts of which I have photos (there will be photos of the casts of the missing miniatures in later posts).

In this first photo we have (1) an Orc armed with a mini-gun, (2) an Orc ganger armed with two pistols (3) an Orc ganger with a pump action shotgun and (4) an Orc bodyguard armed with 2 pistols

Next up we have (1) an Orc female assassin with two cybernetic arms and armed with a heavy pistol, (2) a dwarf mercenary, (3) an Orc fixer/fence armed with an assault rifle and a bag of stolen goods and (4) an Orc ganger armed wth an SMG
Last photo, we have an Orc with a missile launcher and an Orc runt with a jerry-rigged blunderbuss
 Apologies for the photo quality.
Until then, all the best