About BTM

At Boon Town Metals, we aim to bring you a range of niche 15mm sci-fi miniatures and gaming/modelling accessories at the very best prices. At BTM we are passionate about war-gaming, passionate about producing the best miniatures we can and that we feel are missing from the market, and most importantly, passionate about having fun (which it what life’s all about really).

Boon Town Metals was founded in 2017, in the sunny Vale of Catmose, England, by me, FC, and a couple of friends. The idea for BTM came about (as our best ones often do) after a night of heavy drinking, and complaining about the dearth of miniatures that we actually wanted to paint and play with in our chosen scale, and that, after more years in the hobby than I think we would care to consider, our enthusiasm for it had started to wane.

I had already been sculpting for a couple of years, mainly because I couldn’t find the models that I wanted for sale elsewhere, but also , it turns out that pushing putty around for an hour or so, is surprisingly relaxing after a hard day at the office – thus the idea of producing model lines that we actually wanted to play with and paint came about, and BTM was born

I’ll admit that my sculpting style is not to everyone’s taste, it’s much more old school “space opera” than the ubiquitous hard sci-fi – it’s just not my style you see….. I like to think I have a much more of a “cartoony” (even, dare I say in a suitably hushed and reverent tone, “Rogue Trader”) vibe going on – not Manga, certainly; maybe more of a graphic novel feel (often a graphic novel drawn by a hyper-active eight year old …….. in crayon, but a graphic novel nonetheless). Each of the miniatures you will find on this site were all sculpted for the joy of sculpting them (and, at the end of the day, you can’t get much more old school than that).

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the visit

all the best