It’s been a busy couple of weeks. Work has been completely crazy, with wall to wall meetings and new, unprecedented levels of muppetry…. So 12-14hr working days, coupled with a non-sleeping toddler and the stress of organising and packing for a house move (hopefully) has left very little time to push any putty around.
Anyway, just to keep the couple of you that read this up to date, here’s a few photos of an Orc mercenary armed with a rather large sniper rifle I did a few weeks ago.
That’s one big-ass gun!!

Maybe add a Cyber-eye??
View of the gun.
There is still some tidying up to do on the miniature, and I think I will add some sort of bionic eye/range finder, but otherwise I’m quite pleased with him overall.
Next up, I’ll be looking at my recent attempts using Pro-create, a medium I’ve always struggled with, and a cyber pirate gang that I have in the works
’til then, have fun