So, I’ve still had pretty much no time to make any significant dent in my cyber pirate WIP pile over the last few days, so thought I would take one of my existing WIPs, make a few minor alterations and add him to the crew.

Mad-Max at sea??

This chap was going to be a “road warrior” (sort of a mad-max ganger), but with the quick addition of a cyber-eye, trench coat/satchel and face mask he is now been recruited to my band of “biscuit-eating bilge rats”….

A 360 degree view…

There’s still a little bit of work to do on him, but I think he’ll blend in quite well with the rest of the crew, most of whom are orcs and dwarves at the moment, so a human or two won’t go amiss (it seems even pirates aren’t immune from politically correct staff quotas!!!!)

I should note, whilst I was taking these photos, my 2 year old decided that she “wanted to help dad-dad”. Here is a photo of the poor miniature just moments before being mercilessly chewed  (thankfully he survived ok)…. See the little hand sneaking in stage right….
A helping hand!!!!!!

Kids, gotta love them!!!!!!

’til next time