I love them, the stunty little bastards. from Gimli to Gotrek….. from Bridget the Midget to Wee Jimmy Krankie I love them all.

I have no idea why I have such an affinity with dwarves, I always want to play them when I roll play – all my favourite RPG characters have been dwarves……. they just feel “right” – TLC thinks it might be because I am short, hairy and generally in a bad mood (she might have something there come to think about it).

Anyway, I’ve wanted to sculpt my own version of sci-fi 15mm dwarves for a while now. You’ll remember that I did a commission for Clear Horizon Miniatures a while ago, but I wanted these to be totally different – I wanted more a clan based feel.

Dwarf Clansmen

 Here are a couple of close up shots of the sculpts – they average 11mm foot to eye.

Dwarf Clansmen – Rifleman

Dwarf Clansman – Captain
Dwarf Clansmen – Machine Gunner and Anti-Material Rifle
Flame Thrower!!

Captain #2

Anti-Material Rifle

Anyway, these have gone off for casting and hopefully will be back soon and ready for sale to anyone who fancies them

I best get back to work.

’til next time