Sci-Fi Goblins – Heavy Machine-gun Team


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FC Rambling: “With the Dwarf Clansmen and Heathguard both selling quite well (for such niche figures), I realised that I had nothing to pit against my diminutive fighters. I’ve never been a huge fan of the well known space Orc style, so in keeping with Dwarf mythos I landed on Goblins as my enemy of choice. I wanted something that was fun, characterful and would look good on the table top – I think these little chaps meet that brief admirably”

Sci-Fi Goblins – Heavy Machine-gun Team contains the following 4 piece white metal miniature:

1 x 2 piece pintle stand and cooler

1 x 15mm Sci-fi Goblin gunner and Machine-gun

1 x 15mm Sci-fi Goblin loader

1 x 40mm Round Lipped Base

All models are supplied unpainted, unbased and assembled

This product is not a toy

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