Dwarf Hearthguard – Fast Assault Bike (FAB)


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FC Rambling: “With the Dwarven Hearthguard range doing well, I decided to expand it by including another fast attack vehicle, The Fast Assault Bike (FAB for short). I really liked the idea of making a Bike for this range, but didn’t want to replicate the Dwarven YMCA look of yesteryear, this thing needed to be big and beefy, with good armour and some serious weaponry. 

With its heavy armour, gyroscopic stabilisation system (useful when your feet can’t touch the ground) and twin linked 4mm gauss mini-guns, the FAB can easily hold its own against most soft targets, making it great for both hit and run attacks and general support operations”.

Dwarf Hearthguard – Fast Assault Bike contains the following single 2 piece white metal miniature:

1 x Dwarf Hearthguard Fast Assault Bike

2 x Aternative Dwarf biker torsos

1 x 50mm lipped cavalry base

All models are supplied unpainted, unbased and assembled

model may need filing or filling to ensure correct fit of pieces

This product is not a toy

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