Dwarf Hearthguard – Pack 1


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FC Rambling: “Having done the Clansmen Troopers, I wanted my next set of Dwarves to be more mainstream, but still in keeping with the idea of a well organised force and whilst keeping with my old school feel and still being fun to paint and play with. Hopefully, these diminutive chaps will fit that bill”

Dwarf Hearthguard – Pack 1 contains the following 6 single piece white metal miniatures:

1 x Dwarf Hearthguard Trooper with Anti-material Rifle 

1 x Dwarf Hearthguard Trooper with Grenade Launcher

4 x random Dwarf Hearthguard Troopers with Rifles

All models are supplied unpainted, unbased and assembled

This product is not a toy


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