Dwarf Hearthguard – T-26 Walker


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FC Rambling: “Having done the Clansmen and Hearthguard Troopers, I realised that I no vehicles to support the infantry. I’ve never been a big fan of giant tanks and I wanted something in keeping with the feel I had for these troops. I liked the idea of mixing a mech walker with the slightly psychotic role of a door gunner from a helicopter gunship, thus the T-26 Walker was born”.

Dwarf Hearthguard – T26 Walker contains the following single 8 piece white metal miniature:

1 x Dwarf Hearthguard T-26 Walker

1 x 50mm round lipped base

All models are supplied unpainted, unbased and assembled

model may need filing or filling to ensure correct fit of pieces

This product is not a toy


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