So, fast forward a year from my previous post and life has changed dramatically. My divorce has come through, work has eased off a bit and my new partner is about to give birth to a beautiful daughter…. Things are going pretty well (which maybe accounts for the lack of sculpting in the interim – I tend to sculpt more when I’m stressed).
“Down on his Luck”

Anyway, during this time, if been reading loads of sci-fi novels, there are some great sci-fi shows on the telly box and I’m rediscovering my love of the whole genre.
In particular, I’m reading a lot of gurps rules and thinking about writing an RPG set in a dystopian post modern/high fantasy setting (think D&D3.5 set at the end if the 20th century). This is a 28mm sculpt I threw together around this time, whist suffering a touch of writers block with the rule set, to try to get the old grey matter back on point
Again, he’s not great, but I was pretty pleased with him at the time, especially as there had been a pretty big gap since I last picked up a sculpting tool…. More importantly, he got my mind focused on where I was going with my rules.
I’ve recently dug this old sculpt out with the intention of making something similar for my 15mm scale project, more about that in later posts….
All the best