Well, it’s been a crazy busy week. I’ve been travelling all over the place, including a 20 hour round trip to Bristol to see a client, my daughter turned two and the solicitors (who are being paid by the hour – coincidence??) are dragging thier feet over the house move – all in all, I’ve not had a great deal of time at my workbench. Nonetheless, I’ve managed to do some update work on my Cyber-Pirate Captain.

Still a little more to do.

I’ve done a little tidying up with some GS and started work on a ‘figure head’ for his walking stick and started a laser sight for his pistol.
And from the side and back

Now, wher’s me crew????

I’ve also started work on a ships mechanic. Here she is with an assault  rifle and oxyacetylene welding torch

She ain’t pretty!!

Both these figures have quite a lot of work to go, but are coming along.
I’ve also done a little work on a few more figures. Here are a couple of WIP’s for some gang members from the ‘Black Morris’ gang (a bunch of evil Morris-men) – their signature weapon is a electronic stunning Morris-man stick.

This ain’t no country fair!!

The masked chap on the left is armed with a flame-thrower the one on the right, a heavy pistol.

I never did like Morris Men……

Still quite a bit of work to do, but you get the gist I hope
’til next time