Did you enjoy your little sojourn to the country?? Good, now let’s get back to that glorious “post-modern/high fantasy dystopian” world that this blog normally inhabits……

“Come along sir………”

In my last post, I looked back at some of the scenery I’ve built, concentrating on natural landscapes, but most of the stuff I do is small scale skirmishes in run-down inner city locations (think Tower Hamlets on a Saturday night) I’ve never been great with making buildings, they take forever (mine do, anyway) and they never look quite right.
With this in mind, I turned to using paper buildings, downloaded from the interweb and put together by my own fair (if somewhat chubby and unsteady) hands.
There are a massive amount of free templates out there to use, but for me, the ones that I felt had the look I was searching for where done by “Tommygun”, you can find his awesome work here (he also does some great fantasy and “hard” sci-fi stuff too)
A selection of buildings by Tommygun 
These are normally scaled to 28mm, but using the wonders of modern technology, I scaled them down to suit my 15mm needs, some of the smaller stuff can be a little fiddly (especially if you’re using a heavy card stock), but in my opinion, it’s well worth it!!
I also picked up a selection of odds and ends from World Works Games. This stuff is fantastic, you simply print, cut and assemble, to make a fully interchangeable, modular scene.
This is part of the “Mayhem Armoury” pack (there is a load more in the set).
A completed module.
Armed robbery in progress…
The only issue I had is, whilst it great at 28mm, at 15mm it’s just too fiddly (for my fat, shaky hands anyway) to get everything to fit together accurately, that’s not a complaint, as the stuff us not made for 15mm!!

Now, what is definatly worth a look at is thier “Streets of Legend” set, again this is a self-build modular system, and again, when scaled down to 15mm is just too intricate for me; however, you remember that magnetic paper I talked about last time?…… Well, I used it here too, once rescaled (to approximatly a 5 inch square) I simply printed the images onto the paper and cut off the tags, when used with the magnetic white boards it creates a great modular road network that can be easily changed as needed

The wonders of magnetic paper

I’ll leave you with a couple of shots of the Tommygun buildings in play (I hadn’t done the World Works Games roads at this point), I hope you’ll agree they are quite nice (miniatures are from Rebel Minis).

“Run, it’s the fuzz…..”

Strippers and booze beat
do-nuts everytime

All the best, ’til next time…