Wow, what can I say,

It’s been so long since I added anything to the blog, I’d forgotten what the last thing was that I did (It was the blob monster apparently). Now, that particular episode in my sculpting journey didn’t go well. You will recall that I sculpted that for a competition on the Facebook 15mm Sci-Fi page; now, I spent rather a long time on that particular sculpt (probably more than I should have done, considering that I was just finishing off a commission at the time) and submitted it on deadline day…….. only to find that no-one (and I mean literally not a single other person) had entered.

I won’t lie, this kind of threw me a bit and knocked my enthusiasm more than a little. This coupled to with a work overload, trying to find a new job, family life and minor surgery for a back injury (I have prolapsed my L4L5 and L5S1 discs) has meant that I’ve not done an awful lot in the last few months.

However, things have picked up again, I’m on a lot less painkillers and am generally fighting fit (give or take) and rearing to go. So, with my new-found enthusiasm, I thought I would pop up a couple of the sculpts I’ve got done since my last update, for your perusal.

First up, is another member of the “Lone Wolves” mercenary group for my GURPS Roleplay. Here, he is still in WIP form.

Another GURPS character (WIP)

And from different angles….(WIP)

Next up is another GURPS character. This one is a re-imagining of my own player (Harold Theodore B’Stard) – Some of you will recall that I sculpted a version of this character for a previous post; however, having played him for a couple of months, I decided he needed a more thuggish look to him.

Harry, looking more of a B’Stard……


and, from a variety of angles…..

Here is a shot of the three characters completed so far, I still have three more to do (two of which are in early WIP stages).

One half of the “Lone Wolves”

I also had a chance to finish off a WIP from earlier in the year. This is “Cargo”, my Orc cyber-pirate – he is a big lad (around 20mm foot to eye), rumour is that he has some Ogre in him (or at east his mother did), mind you, it’s not the sort of rumour one would say to his face….

I think we can guess who ate all the pies….

I’ve also managed to find a bit of time to start painting a few of the miniatures I had cast up last year (although I still need to finish off the bases once I find my modelling supplies, which are stashed away in the attic from the house move). Here are a few shots of the “Metahuman Freedom Alliance”, ready to stick it to those human corporate pig-dogs…

Whilst the casts aren’t great, they paint up ok..


Elf Ganger, Dwarf Survivalist and Orc Hooker.

I’ll finish off the post with a preview of something new I’m working on. Here is a WIP of a “space bum”, pan-handling his way across the galaxy from spaceport to spaceport, not sure if I like him yet or not, so he might need some re-working.

Intergalactic Space Bum (WIP)

I mentioned, earlier, a commission I had been working on (that’s right, someone actually wanted me to make something to produce). Well, I’ll pop u a few photos of them in my next post

Anyway, until then Ta Ta…..